Rotten Heart Fizzer

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Embrace the Macabre and dive headfirst into a bath experience that defies convention, where beauty and decay intertwine in a luxurious soak. This isn't your typical bath; it's a plunge into the grotesquely beautiful. This bath bomb will take you on a journey where love and decay coexist, much like the story of Romeo and Juliet. Indulge in the sensation of being enveloped by a blend of eerie fragrances that evoke both beauty and darkness. Let the world fade away as you immerse yourself in this unique bath, where the boundaries between life and death blur, creating an unforgettable experience

. *Color will be pink through Valentines day Smells like Berry Bliss Notes of Raspberry, Citrus, Mint, Sugar Cane, & Vanilla

Packaging: Shrink-wrapped to protect from shop wear with label

*Made in the USA